Why getting ready for Christmas sales means building your online store today

Why getting ready for Christmas sales means building your online store today

Now is the time to build your online store

By starting to build your mobile friendly e-commerce website now, you still have time to jump into the Black Friday frenzy and promote your products for the Christmas season.  Christmas shopping will be different this year, as more people shop online, and from their mobile devices

If COVID-19 has affected your business an ecommerce site can help

If your brick and mortar business has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, it might be time to build that online store that you have been thinking about. (So you can call yourself a brick and click business perhaps?) You already provide excellent customer service, so now is the time to build that mobile friendly website to take your business online.

Your competition is getting online already: look at the dramatic increase in online sales as a result of the pandemic

How COVID-19 is affecting small business owners

We all know that the retail shopping experience has changed dramatically during the COVID-19 crisis. Obviously, more and more people are doing online shopping. Statistics have shown that even when the new normal is upon us, shoppers are going to continue shopping online to be safe and have an easier shopping experience. 

From StatsCanada: “Retail e-commerce sales reached a record $3.9 billion in May, a 2.3% increase over April and 99.3% increase over February ($2.0 billion). Year over year, e-commerce sales more than doubled—with a 110.8% increase compared with May 2019.”

Shopify, the platform of choice

The One Day Web Group is a certified reseller of Shopify, one of the most effective and popular e-commerce platforms on the market: over 800,000 stores hosted! Shopify is built and maintained in Canada. The platform has an extensive feature set to promote your products, and has secure integration into most of the payment gateways. Shopify has great documentation, and performs well in SEO, so your site can be found easily by Google. We described 12 great reasons why Shopify is the smart ecommerce choice for small businesses earlier this year..

Teaming up with the One Day Web Group

You can build your Shopify site on your own, or you can team up with the One Day Web Group to build your mobile friendly ecommerce website. The One Day Web Group brings their collective expertise in Shopify, product management, and SEO to ensure that your site not only looks great, it receives the traffic that you need to grow your business. While the One Day Web Group is working on your site, you don’t lose focus on your business by working in an area you have little experience with.

How to start

The clock is ticking toward the holiday sales season – don’t delay! To have a meaningful conversation about launching your mobile friendly website, book an online meeting with us today, email us or give us a call at 1-833-YES-ODWG.