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Website hosting should be proactive, not reactive

There are many web hosting services online, many at a rock-bottom price. But the cheapest among them offer nothing more than a place to park your website. We know that your site is part of the living, ever-changing ecosystem of the internet and as a result needs to be regularly monitored and maintained to keep it healthy and functioning properly.

Our Managed Hosting service is proactive, not reactive. We provide ongoing support and updates to themes, templates, and plugins to keep your site functioning at peak efficiency. A reactive hosting service may only respond only after something has broken – and you notify them of the problem!

Managed Hosting at One Day Web Group isn’t the cheapest you can find – we cost more than the $2, $5, or $12 hosts out there. But hosting with us means never worrying about what’s happening with your site, and we think the peace of mind is worth the price you pay!

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Compare our managed hosting service to most bargain-basement hosting providers:

 Cheap Charlie
One Day Web Group
Site hosted on a dedicated server with a smaller number of clients
Protection from hackers and viruses
Faster page load times
Improved site uptime
SSL security certificate (https instead of http)
Automatic website backups and single-click restores
Malware scanning
Multi-tiered environment
Automated WordPress plugin management
Enhanced security & proactive website monitoring
Regular theme and plugin updates (with testing)
Priority support
Monthly performance reporting

Dig into the details of our hosting service:

Managed Hosting takes advantage of the expertise of a team dedicated to keeping the site functioning at peak efficiency. It means you never have to worry about hackers, crashes, slow pages or broken functions on your website. Managed hosting is peace of mind!

Your site will be hosted on a server dedicated only to our clients, which means each site has less competition for technical resources. That means each site loads faster, which is critical in keeping your customers’ attention! This configuration means we are able to make changes to your site more quickly and with less risk – no more broken plugins bringing your site down!

Hosting with One Day Web Group means getting immediate access to three environments:
  • Development (where we build the site)
  • Staging (where you approve the site)
  • Production (where your site is live)
Why does that matter? It means that you can plan and test major updates to content and site structure safely while your current site is live and doing business. This is how big companies offer, and we’re bringing this approach to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Think of WordPress plugins like apps on your phone. Each is developed by a different company to achieve a different purpose and each is configured to work best on specific versions of technology. And just like phone apps, plugins can suddenly stop working, no longer be supported, may develop security vulnerabilities that need to be resolved or be updated in ways that are no longer compatible with your site.

Our monitoring software ensures that security vulnerabilities are quickly identified and addressed. We also proactively monitor changes to the WordPress platform and the theme of your site to make sure that all of the moving pieces are functioning properly and working well together.

We automatically backup your site every day – guaranteed. If something goes wrong, or your site is breached, we can restore it to perfect functionality with a single click.

All of our sites are SSL. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer – it’s the safeguard that ensures the connection between your website and the visitor’s computer is private and secure. This improves a website’s security, trust, and search friendliness – included in the package at no additional cost.

Your site will also have built-in enhanced server-side security to prevent attacks and security breaches. In addition to added layers of security and firewalls, your site will be proactively monitored 24-7. If the site goes down or something goes wrong, we’ll begin work to fix it immediately.

We provide Health Monitoring reports for your site which are emailed to you monthly so you can see what work is being done to your site on your behalf.

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