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Thiago Aragao

Digital Marketer

Thiago is all about visual and aesthetic. He loves to design with purpose and believes that every piece of design has to have a shape, a meaning, and a function.

about me

We are all humans after all. Get to know more about me.

Born and raised in Recife, Brazil – located in the northeast part of the country, with lots of beaches, Thiago also calls his hometown  “Raincife” or “Hellcife”. There it’s summer all year, with lots of showers in some months.

Thiago has been building his career around things he enjoys doing.

He studied Business Administration and Marketing at University in his home country and also in Spain, where he spent one year. Thiago has had a broad variety of work experience, from Project Management in the Education sector to having his own marketing and advertising agency, where he could work for many types of businesses.

Very into sports, Thiago has played for a professional soccer team and is a former racing driver – those amazing times where he had so much free time! His portfolio shows that influence, but he keeps broadening his work experience now that he is living in Alberta. By having had the opportunity to work as a digital marketer, graphic designer, and UX/UI designer, Thiago uses his experience to help our clients achieve their business and marketing goals.

Educational highlights

  • New Media Production and Design – SAIT (in progress)
  • BA with a Major in Marketing – Guararapes University / Universidad Europea de Madrid.
  • Software Development Degree – Unibratec.

off the job

Thiago also loves traveling and he has found the perfect partner for it. He and his wife took a lot of lovely road trips through Europe, explored some parts of Brazil, and now they are really excited to explore the beauties of Canada.

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