As a minimum, we make our best effort to meet these response times.  Unless other terms are agreed to via email, these are our standard support times.


Severity of the issue

During business hours

After business hours


4-8 hours

Next business day


1-4 hours

4-8 hours


Immediate – as soon as possible

1-4 hours


Exceptions: Civic holidays, absences due to sudden illness or death (God forbid!), and special event days like the Banff Jasper Relay (annually on the first Saturday in June) may mean that we can’t respond until the next business day.  In these cases, an email will be sent to all clients advising of our support commitments.

Severity levels of support Issues:

  • Low severity: No impact to business operations, no loss of revenue or exposure to risk. (example: Content updates)
  • Medium severity: Moderate impact to business operations, affecting some areas of revenue generating activity. (example: an online app stops working)
  • High severity: High impact to business operations affecting the main activities that are associated with generating business revenue. (example: your site goes offline or your email stops working.)

Out of scope items:
Break/fix issues are not part of this support agreement, and are defined as:

  • Existing functionality that is no longer working due to changes in the computing environment or if someone other than One Day Web Group breaks something by accident.
  • Development or configuration of a fix that must be tested before implementation.
  • Implementation of a 3rd party solution or utility that has been requested by the client. Support for these solutions reside with the 3rd party vendor.

An enhancement is defined as any new functionality that is being requested. Enhancements are not part of this support agreement until they have been implemented, fully tested, accepted and paid for by the client. 

Break/fix issues and requests for enhancements can be addressed through an email or trouble ticket to One Day Web Group.

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