Our one-day site delivers a simple get-to-know-you message in an affordable package.

As a small business owner, you probably wear a lot of hats every day – meeting with suppliers, selling your services, balancing the books, scheduling appointments and paying your staff. Why take on the additional responsibility of building and maintaining a website to showcase your business?

Is a one-day site right for your business?​

  • Are you a solopreneur or entrepreneur launching a new business?
  • Are you looking for a simple site that can grow with your business?
  • Can you tell your brand’s story in under five pages?
  • Do you need a site up and running quickly?
  • Do you need support updating the site once its launched?

If you are launching a new business and want to start a simple site with your services and contact info, one that can grow with your business, a one-day site is just what you need.

And because you need support after your site launches, we don’t just build it and disappear. Our subscription model means that we’re with you every step of the way, helping you succeed.

​Your one-day site subscription includes:

  • A professionally-designed website of up to five pages
  • The content you provide (we’ll check spelling and grammar to make sure it’s polished and professional) Need more? We can write your content – just let us know.
  • The content you provide
  • Your logo and relevant photos
  • Monthly check-in to review site traffic and answer questions
  • Up to two update requests per month, which lets you promote sales, share important news or adjust content to reflect changes to your staff, product offerings or services  

We’re so confident you’ll love your site, we guarantee it!

We also create one-day and e-commerce sites – along with additional services to enhance your website. To showcase your business to the world, we offer a range of digital marketing and email campaigns.


Condo Relief Consulting 
We worked with Paula to develop a site to showcase the services she offers to condo boards and property management companies.


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We want you to be happy with your site and we guarantee our work.