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Marie Davis


Marie’s many years of experience in web, digital marketing, communications and SEO guide the marketing efforts of our clients.

about me

We are all humans after all. Get to know more about me.

Born and raised in the extreme southeastern corner of Alberta (shoutout to Etzikom, home of the National Historic Windpower Museum!), Marie was raised on a farm and understands what hard work and entrepreneurship means at a cellular level.

She worked for IBM and taught college students to understand networking, speaking in public, security and programming, before consulting with Encana (now Ovintiv). She led the e-Communications and digital communications teams at Cenovus, before returning to consulting. She’s aided non-profit organizations in Calgary, worked with startup businesses and got involved with One Day Web Group in 2018.

Marie believes passionately in measurement, and has made that a focus of all of the client work she does. She is a true all-around digital professional, able to craft effective marketing messages, develop targeted online advertising, boost a website’s SEO, execute email campaigns, create websites and online stores, and translate technical language into terms non-technical people can understand.

Tragically, she cannot design anything more complex than a table, but she does create amazingly lifelike stick people.

Educational highlights

  • BA (English)
  • MA (English)
  • BSc (Computer Information Systems)

off the job

When not working, Marie’s interests include researching her family tree, creating realistic dioramas for her husband’s models, listening to true crime podcasts, and growing the perfect tomato.

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