We want you to be happy with your website. 

One Day Web Group engages you throughout the website development process to develop a site that showcases your company and organization. We ensure the key elements are on or within one click of your home page. 

If you aren’t 100 per cent satisfied with your site, within 30 days of the launch date,  we will redo it – at no extra cost. If you’re still unsatisfied, we will refund your full payment and cancel your subscription to our services, no questions asked.


If you aren’t ready to completely demolish your old site and start fresh, we will work with your existing design and format to give your old site the facelift it needs.

Measurement matters!

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, which is why your digital solution includes measurement reporting, so you can stay on top of performance, course-correcting as required.


Get an edge on the competition by claiming more online attention and engagement. Give your customers an amazing experience without breaking the bank.