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One Day Web Group was started in Calgary, Alberta by a team of experienced web designers and social media experts with two decades of web experience with some of Canada’s most successful and respected companies.

Blair Shunk


One Day Web Group was created to help entrepreneurs, start-up companies, small to medium sized businesses, and non-profit organizations create an impressive online presence quickly and affordably. This means we get it − we know what you need to meet your goals, to make your dreams come true and we are committed to your success.

We have a team of local, highly experienced, enterprise-class, web-development and social media experts that will ensure that your message is communicated succinctly and completely to your customer.

Whether you need a simple one-page site to act as a business card for your services, or a robust store selling products in multiple currencies – or anything in between! – our web designers will deliver an amazing experience for your customers. We also ensure that your site design and content remain fresh through regular check-ins, supported by reviewing web traffic data, helping your site evolve and grow along with your business.

But a great digital presence doesn’t end at web development, and neither do we! We offer complete online solutions: search engine optimization, email communication, social media posting and digital advertising. We also work with channel partners to provide many other services for the growing business.

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Our team

Blair Shunk emojified

Blair Shunk


Since the Mosaic browser was introduced in 1993, Blair worked as an IT Project Manager to develop intranets and websites with web teams at some of Canada’s most highly respected companies.  

Blair loves interacting with people and working with a team to explore potential ways to have fun. Whether it’s launching a business, organizing a fund-raising event or just having a party to celebrate someone or an accomplishment – that’s what floats his boat. Blair is passionate about his family, his church, distance running, and anything with a motor in it. His latest passion is riding his Kawasaki Z900RS – it’s a thing of beauty! 

Marie Davis


As both a recovering English major and a geek, Marie has been working with intranet and Internet sites since 2000. She’s passionate about creating great user experiences online, and providing clear, effective messages that helps businesses achieve their goals. 

When not working, Marie’s interests include researching her family tree, creating realistic dioramas for her husband’s models, listening to true crime podcasts, and growing the perfect tomato.

Shaheen Bhimani, Director

Shaheen Bhimani


Shaheen holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree as well as a Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Systems Management. Shaheen is also a member of The Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS). Shaheen is also heavliy involved in the community as a Director of the Banff Jasper Relay in Support of Brain Tumor Research, and also as Corporate Teams Coordinator with the World Partnership Walk, a Canadian initiative bringing sustainable solutions to poverty in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Gary Pitcher

Web Developer

Gary is an expert software designer and developer of desktop, web,  mobile and IoT applications for most platforms and programming languages.  He has successfully completed projects for over 30 years in provincial and federal governments, oil and gas, transportation, academia, telecommunications and health services and has received the Alberta Premier’s Award of Excellence for Operational Planning and Reporting System work.

​Gary is an avid guitar player and spent many years as a professional musician in his youth.  On a sunny day, you can find him out fishing for salmon or kayaking around the beautiful gulf islands off BC’s coast.

We’re a Constant Contact partner, building and executing email campaigns that work on this respected email platform.

We’re a WP Engine partner, building beautiful, powerful sites on WordPress, the most popular web platform in the world.

We’re a Shopify partner, creating streamlined online businesses and amazing shopping experiences on this popular e-commerce platform.

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